Prof. Dr. Dominik Skauradszun, Hochschule Fulda, Richter am Oberlandesgericht

"I have been working with John since 2016 and have experienced John's language and coaching skills in various ways: he coaches me on English presentations and lectures, proofreads my academic manuscripts and advises me on important emails that I need to send in English. I owe a lot to John - when I started with John, I was hampered by not knowing enough English. John has opened so many doors to international projects, collaborations and friendships because English is the key."

Daniel Schlosser, Lehrkraft für besondere Aufgaben, Hochschule Fulda 

“I have been working with John Rogers for several years to improve the quality of my English language lectures in the areas of pronunciation and grammar. John always responds very individually and flexibly to special needs and situations and finds time for an individual solution, even for short-term requests. I am very grateful to John for his support over the last few years.”



A boilermaker was hired to fix a boiler system that was not working well. 
After listening to the engineer’s description of the problems and asking a few questions, he went to the boiler room. He looked at the maze of twisting pipes, listened to the thump of the boiler and the hiss of the escaping steam for a few minutes, and felt some pipes with his hands. Then he hummed softly to himself, reached into his overalls and took out a small hammer, and tapped a bright red valve one time. Immediately, the entire system began working perfectly, and the boilermaker went home. 
When the steamship owner received a bill for one thousand dollars, he became outraged and complained that the boilermaker had only been in the engine room for fifteen minutes and requested an itemized bill. So the boilermaker sent him a bill that reads as follows:
 For tapping the valve: $.50
 For knowing where to tap: $999.50